Celebrate with us! $FAYA launchpad platforms!

Total Airdrop
M5 in $FAYA tokens

KYC is not a

Step-by-Step Guide ”FAYA Airdrop”

  1. Visit the FAYA Airdrop form. 
  2. Join FAYA on Telegram Group & Channel
  3. Follow @FayaWLD on Twitter, or Instagram @FayaWLD
  4. Retweet the pinned Tweet & Share & Tag 3 friends, or for Instagram Like, comment and Tag 5 friends. 
  5. Follow FAYA World on YouTube
  6. Submit your Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) wallet and other details to the airdrop form. 
  7. Rewards will be sent within 1 week after listing.

Good Luck!