Current Roadmap

Below is Faya project roadmap. As Faya community grow, our team will bring more future plans to the project.

December 2022
Project idea
Early 2023
Technical Developments
Jun 2023
Q3 2023
Faya dApps
Q3-Q4 2023
Smart Contract and Team Audits
Q4 2023
Dealing with Charity foundations
Q1-Q2 2024
Submitting to Centralized exchanges Live Now
Q3-Q4 2024
Educational platform partnership
eCommerce platform partnership

Creative Team

Relationship Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Faya is a cryptocurrency that aims to prioritize donation for the health and smile of the world's children.This means making the dream and wish of a sick child into a tangible and transparent reality in helping all sick, orphaned and poor children in the world so that every child has a share in smiling and good health.
Currently, Faya (FAYA Token) can be purchased on PanCakeSwap, and more exchanges are expected to be added in the near future
Faya FAYA Token launched its mainnet with 100 Trillion FAYA tokens at Max Supply. We adopted timelock 90% approval mechanism to mint the token supply to different wallets after different lock period. 10% of the token supply will be minted to tokenSaleWallet during deployment. while the left Faya Supply will be minted and send to those wallets every year as mentioned bellow: 
Faya Foundation 40% (locked vesting for 5 year)
Marketing 20% (locked vesting for 5 year)
Roadmap 15% (locked vesting for 5 year)
Team&Advisor 15% (locked vesting for 5 year)
Faya distinguishes herself from others with her donation goals and charitable work in order to stabilize the family situation through the smile and laughter of her children and planting fruit of joy in the hearts of our children.
There is no specific market because Faya is present in every home and family and we are proud of the people with hearts rich in humanity, love and mercy to give charitable work longer-lived and more capable and strong.
Updates on Faya's progress can be found on the official website, as well as through its social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.
We must answer this question with transparency and logic. You will buy this currency and know that a large percentage goes to donate for the children and at the same time that child gives you a great chance of winning and winning hundreds of times over. As a child, I become healthy and happy, and you, as a buyer or donor, become rich and happy.
The largest and most expensive return on investment from this currency is the health and smile of a child. But never forget all the possibilities in the world of cryptocurrencies, and according to the opinions of the experts concerned, this cryptocurrencies types is a bright future and at the lowest rate and within a short period of time it may break its three primary zeros, which mean increase 1000 times of its original launch price.

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