We are lucky to have an amazing community that has supported us for a long time! We have been through a bear market together, and many of you have stuck with us all this while.

To reward such USDT who have staked $FAYA, we are rewarding them with an USDT airdrop!

Psst.. this is just the start of what’s coming for $FAYA stakers!

More upcoming airdrops..!

As you know, we are on a mission to make web3 seamless. It’s not a battle we can fight alone. You too can play your part by staking $FAYA.

You can Stake FAYA here.

In return, apart from juicy $FAYA APY, you will receive airdrops, perks & rewards from our ever growing ecosystem of applications & chains!

We are live with our AA kit on 40+ chain ecosystems. We are actively used by 600+ live dApp partners. And as new L3s, rollups & appchains come up, we will bring account abstraction there as well. In short, we are pushing account abstraction adoption at breakneck speed.

And as the adoption increases, and we power more and more smart accounts and more userOp transactions across hundreds of dApps, $FAYA stakers will directly benefit.

Eligibility Criteria for $FAYA airdrop

Let’s talk about the first airdrop. We were granted USDT for supporting the dApp & user activity on BNB Chain. And obviously, we wanted to reward this to our community.

Here are the eligibility criteria for the USDT airdrop:

  • Minimum stake: 500M FAYA.
  • Staking period: 120 Days, 360 Days.
  • Snapshot date: 01st June, 4PM UTC.

Claiming Process

Go to the claim Page: https://loyalty.biconomy.io & connect your wallet that you have staked your FAYA with.

You need to sign the ‘claim transaction’. Please note, you will not immediately receive the USDT tokens. Once the claim period is over we will automatically drop your USDT allocation straight to your wallet on BNB Chain.

P.S. If your staking wallet is not compatible with BNB Chain, please enter an BNB Chain-supported wallet address before signing to claim.
Note: If you are using a Safe to stake, your Safe may not be present on BNB Chain.

Remember, you can sign the claim transaction any time before 30th May 23:59 UTC. Once the claim window ends on 30th May, you won’t be able to claim your USDT airdrop.